David Dwars – Chief Operations Officer

RA – Amsterdam, Netherlands

David has over 17 years working globally in North America, Europe and Asia, advocating sustainable design and building. His practice is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Sustainability is critical to his design process. As such, David is a LEED accredited professional with a specialty in Building Design and Construction (BD&C) and has worked on multiple LEED certified projects. He is a graduate of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at Kansas State University. His designs have been recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and he has been awarded the IIDA award, from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

David has served on the Board of Directors of Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Missouri for over a decade. He is ardent supporter of the preservation, enhancement and promotion of St. Louis’ architectural heritage as well as advancing sound planning and quality contemporary design. Since 2004, David has had a personal focus on real estate development and acquisition. Specializing in the end-to-end development of an asset, he directs every phase of the process, from the property identification and due diligence to design, estimation and construction. His work in this field has been recognized by DeSales Community Housing and was honored the Golden Brick Award in 2007.

Email: [email protected]

Chairman, Dutch Branch