There are natural and man-made catastrophic events affecting the living conditions of large population groups. With the prevalence of refugee displacement across the globe Architects For Society has embarked on designing building solutions that target these populations by providing housing designs that are both dignified and cost effective.

The hex house is conceived as a low cost, sustainable, rapidly deployable, long stay and dignified house which is shipped in pieces and assembled by the end users. The basic building components are galvanized tube steel for the base, structural insulated metal panel for walls, floor and roof and can be customizes with conventional interior and exterior finishes.


Hex House shortlisted on Ikea & UNHCR “WDCD” competetion

Hex House awarded ‘Best of the Best’ in the Iconic Award by the German Design council for visionary architecture.

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Luca Marchetti: Design

Terrance Caploe: Design

Aziz Jariry: Graphics

Byron Terrell: Graphics

Dr. Mohamed Salah: Structural Engineering